Surviving Together Program

The surviving together program is to assist those who have battled cancer and are in remission.  The areas that we seem to address most often are:

  • Reducing the negative side effects of chemo and radiation.
  • Enhance diet to ensure survivors are not putting themselves at risk of recurrence.
  • Assist with monitoring of pH to ensure the bodies environment stays alkaline.
  • Help survivors to locate proper drinking water, alkaline/ionized preferably (no plastic bottles).
  • Locate naturopaths or other practitioners as needed.
  • Supplement evaluation and guidance if necessary (we consult with medical professionals for all supplement reviews).

We strongly believe that once you are in remission you cannot stop fighting to prevent recurrence.  We have seen many fighters get better and go back to poor diet and intake habits and have aggressive recurrences.  If you are a survivor it’s important that you know your threats and adapt lifestyles that could be contributing to a recurrence in the future.

Please contact us if you are interested in applying for the Surviving Together Program.


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