Together Programs

Cancer Crackdown’s Together Programs are designed to meet the needs of those who are fighting cancer, surviving cancer and those who wish to improve their health for prevention.  We work with individuals that are interested in making lifestyle changes and  natural methods to improve their health and strengthen their battle with cancer.

The Together Programs provide a partnership for many, we hope no one has to fight alone.  Some things we have assisted patients with so far:  juicing assistance, protocol assistance, attend Dr. visits/consults,  surgery recovery, assist with natural remedies for everyday issues, give direction on eliminating chemicals and toxins from everyday life, appointment scheduling, locating structured water, finding practitioners as needed and we always provide encouragement along the way.

Fighting Together Program

Surviving Together Program

Preventing Together Program

As funds allow, we are able to provide tools for those who qualify for assistance. We have worked with fighters with the following types of cancers: Breast, Renal Cell Carcinoma, Bladder, Lung, Esophageal, Thyroid, Stomach, GIST, Neuroendocrine, Brain, Rectal and Pancreatic. We have worked with fighters of all stages with metastasis to all areas of the body.

The following are protocols or products we have assisted fighters in the use of: (please note: we are not limited to this list, we work with natural cancer fighters regardless of the type of treatment they choose).
The Gerson Therapy
The Bill Henderson Protocol
The Baking Soda Protocol
The Budwig Protocol
Essiac Tea
Ozone Therapy
Detoxification methods (hydrocolon therapy, detox baths, etc)
Coffee Enemas
Structured Water
Apricot Seeds/B17
Weight Loss/Cachexia Management
Hydrogen Peroxide
Aloe Vera Juice
Immune Stimulation
Cancer Fighting Diet Planning
Nutritional/Therapeutic IV’s
Navarro HCG Testing
Blood Testing
Biological dentistry

Supplements we are familiar with cover a wide range of products. If you have any questions about a particular protocol or product ask us.  See our store for products that we currently carry:  Cancer Crackdown Store


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