Cancer Crackdown started as a small group on Facebook in January 2012 with a few people that wanted to share some information on tips and best practices during chemo.  The group has grown into a very close family that shares resources information and support.  There is so much interest in nutrition during treatment and things that can be done to lessen side effects and down time from chemo.  Due to the amount of information available and many untrusted sources on the internet, it makes it difficult for us to make decisions about  what is viable information and thus dissuades many from knowing what is worth trying.  We have and will continue to research topics of interest and ensure credibility of sources.  We help put patients in contact with proper practitioners in their area and locate services for them that may benefit their treatment.  We are in the process of building on the services we are able to provide to cancer patients that we are so fortunate to partner with during their difficult time.

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Hello!!!  I’m Tara Mann, Founder and CEO of Cancer Crackdown.  It is my hope that Cancer Crackdown touches many lives through encouragement to prevent this disease and through strength and courage to help those fighting to step outside the box when it comes to their treatment plan.  There is so much more that can be done that most people aren’t aware of.  We will be taking applications soon for our new programs!!!               ~We fight with you, we fight for you~

We are ready to start helping cancer patients!  We need your donations to implement our Together Programs and cancer care packages. We are so thrilled with all of the positive feedback from you all and feel that together we can make  a difference in more people’s lives.  Thank you for caring about cracking down on cancer!  Please go to our Donate page for more information on what your donation will be used for.


Our Mission:

To be the trusted source for information regarding integration of alternative therapies with current cancer treatments as well as a resource for overall health.  Our goal is to provide fighters, survivors and those interested in prevention with a partner during their journey.  Our Fighting Together, Surviving Together and Preventing together programs will encourage, assist and help you with your battle.

Cancer Crackdown is for those interested in cancer prevention and cancer fighters that are interested in pursuing better overall health during treatment.  We welcome caregivers, grievers, family members and practitioners.


Users should note that this site is not a medical site and medical advice is neither given or implied by its administrators and does not replace the advice from an informed physician or health care provider familiar with the products or treatments discussed on this site. Individual results may vary.

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