Aloe Aborescens

The aloe arborescens protocol for cancer has been around for many years and has been proven to be very effective on advanced cancer patients.

Many researchers have said Aloe Arborescens has more properties than the other Aloe varieties for cancer and tumoral treatment.  Father Zago, a monk, developed a blend mixing Aloe Aborescens miller leaves with honey and pure alcohol, to be ingested by those with some cancer types and tumoral presence.   home-made cancer treatment

Father Zago’s Aloe Arborescens Immune Recipe has been so successfully used to cure cancer that he wrote a book “Cancer can be cured” to communicate this valuable knowledge. It contains a long list of impressive case studies for different kinds of cancer. This treatment works on any type of cancer (such as bone cancer, brain cancer, etc.). Everyone does not heal automatically by taking this “natural treatment” but it still strongly reduces pain.

This blend can be used in conjunction with chemotherapy. In fact, it significantly reduces the side-effects of the chemotherapy. It can also be used to prevent cancer, and more importantly, it can be used as a remission protocol

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