It’s hard to get around these days without a cell phone, or two or four in your house, depending on the size and age of your family.  Yes, they emit harmful radiation but there are easy ways to drastically reduce exposure.  When children are using cell phones taking precautions is a must.  It has been proven that children’s brains absorb twice as much cell phone radiation as those of adults.

Five Steps to help protect yourself against cell phone radiation:

1.  Use a headset or use phone in speaker mode.  If you use a headset, take it out of your ear when you are not on a call.

2.  When using, hold the phone away from your body.  Do not press the phone handset against your head. The amount of radiation absorbed by your head and body decreases dramatically even if holding the phone a small distance from your body.  Don’t put the phone in your pocket or clip to your belt while talking on the phone.

3.  Call when the signal is strong.  When there are fewer signal bars illuminated on your phone it means that the phone is working hard to broadcast its signals.  Research indicates that radiation exposure increases dramatically when cell phone signals are weak.

4.  DO NOT store your phone in your pocket or on your body!!  When your phone is ON it automatically transmits at high power ever one or two minutes to check or poll nearby cell phone towers.  Radiation exposure is still occurring.  At night, never sleep with your phone on and under your pillow or close to your body.

5.  Use text messaging to reduce cell phone usage.  Phones emit less radiation when sending texts rather than voice communication.

There are so many free radical and cancer causers in our environment and day-to-day lives.  Reducing threats wherever possible accumulates to give overall reduction in risks.  Even small efforts to reduce risks make a big difference!


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