Jared Bucey is a 17-year-old in Arizona who is battling stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  After becoming violently ill with chemotherapy Jared decided that he did not want to continue.  Jared’s mom, Lisa Diacik made the decision that her son could choose how he wanted to heal, she was there to guide him through it.  Jared discontinued Chemo and is now doing natural therapies to overcome his cancer.  With the help of a Naturopath, his family, supporters and his mom, Jared has a much better quality of life and is making progress!!  Jared’s mom has been right by his side and had to quit her job to take care of him and guide him through his protocol and treatments everyday.  They are quite a duo and nothing will stand in their way of healing!

We first connected with Jared and Lisa through their Facebook Page Kid Against Chemo where they are sharing their experiences to help others! They are pioneering the way for other kids under 18 to have the choice to choose other therapies besides chemo, especially when they are going through horrible side effects and suffering.

We traveled to Austin, Texas earlier this month to attend The Quest For The Cures Donation Event and had the pleasure of meeting Jared and Lisa.  We immediately connected with Jared and Lisa, she is amazing and a top-notch caregiver and Jared is full of determination!  Lisa is full of knowledge and information about natural therapies, she has learned so much so quickly!  Their opportunities to be able to heal Jared naturally have opened up for them along the way.  A friend donated the use of his infrared sauna, they have a great Naturopath, tons of fans, support and when we were in Texas they received a $10,000 check and trip to Disney for the family!!  This much-needed donation is helping them with the costs of treatments and protocols for Jared.

Lisa and Jared

have a passion to help others going through this.  They are both writers by nature and Lisa has already put their experiences in an e-book!  Lisa has also started a group on Facebook called Kid Against Chemo Moms.  Cancer Crackdown is humbled to know Jared and Lisa and to be a part of their journey.  We will continue to support them every step of the way.

Kid Against Chemo Facebook Page
Kid Against Chemo Moms Support Group
Kid Against Chemo Ebook






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