In Memory Of Dr. Charles Majors

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In Honor of our mentor and hero Dr. Charles Majors.

On January 15th we lost a mentor, hero and great contributor to Cancer Crackdown.

I met Dr. Majors briefly in 2015 at a conference in San Diego.  I was in the audience for a Q & A panel discussion and Dr. Majors was a part of it.  I stood and asked a question and introduced myself as Cancer Crackdown, Dr. Majors stood up and applauded and everyone in the room ended up applauding Cancer Crackdown!!  I was so surprised and humbled that he knew of Cancer Crackdown.  We spoke for a short two minutes after the session ended and he quickly told me our work was important and asked if he could contribute in any way.  He became one of our Cancer Crackdown Mentors that day.  His contribution over the last two years has far exceeded our expectations.  He was always available to respond to questions and helped many of our cancer fighters that financially could not afford an experienced cancer practitioner.  His input and consultation with Gloria, a stage 4 brain cancer fighter given three days to live, was critical in gaining her an additional 6 months of life – with quality.  She had no means to have the care she was provided by our mentors, Dr. Majors gave his time and encouragement.  He truly cared for our heroes battling cancer.  His death came as a great shock to us and we are saddened for the loss for the care of our cancer fighters and are committed to keeping his teachings, words, and memory alive.   He taught me so much and helped so very many.

We are grieving for the Majors family, Andrea and their children.  Please support the family by donating or purchasing from  Our hearts go out to all of those battling cancer that were his patient or gained enthusiasm and support from his books, speeches and outreach.  We will be adding more of his information to our website this year.  He was an enthusiastic contributor.  You can find his articles here:

His survival from terminal brain cancer was the most profound story of survival and overcoming I have come across.  He gained an additional 6 years of life and the accomplishments in that time are astounding.
Dr. Majors’ Website:
The Cancer Killers:

We continue this journey with cancer on the front lines with one less of our heroes leading the way.  We continue for him and in his honor and for all those who have fought so brave and so hard to share the truth about healing from cancer naturally.

Tara Mann
Cancer Crackdown

A statement from the Majors’ family:
In September 2010, Charles was diagnosed with multiple myeloma which had spread to his brain in the form of four large tumors. A very rare cancer, multiple myeloma occurs in less than 1% of the adult population. Attempted surgery to remove the brain tumors was unsuccessful, and Charles was left with very few options for survival for this condition, considered to be incurable.

Having been given weeks to live, Charles sought the care of integrative oncologists, and embarked on a healing journey using all holistic, non-medical interventions. Through this care, Charles’ health improved dramatically. Four years after his diagnosis, shocking his conventional physicians, an updated MRI revealed no tumors in Charles’ brain. He was proclaimed to be cancer-free at the five-year anniversary of his diagnosis.

During these years, Charles used his own experience to help and inspire thousands of individuals looking to prevent and beat their own cancers. It brought Charles incredible joy to not only be cancer-free himself, but to see others receive the same proclamations from their own doctors as a result of his inspiration.

Having been strong and having beaten all the odds for six years, Charles experienced new symptoms in the final few months of his life. Charles had a rare subset of multiple myeloma, occurring in 1% of multiple myeloma patients — very unexpectedly, the disease manifested aggressively in Charles’ final weeks. Though he received tremendous care from both his holistic physicians and conventional oncologists, Charles’ body was unable to keep up the fight; he passed away at the age of 46.

Charles beat all of his doctors’ expectations for six years, surviving longer than anyone would have ever expected. He dedicated his life to helping everyone in his path. The family continues to seek better understanding of what allowed for such a spontaneous recurrence of Charles’ very rare disorder. Please continue to pray for Charles’ wife, Andrea, and four children, Caleb, Austin, Reese and Hayden.

In less than one week since his passing, the sheer numbers of friends, patients and colleagues who have accredited their achievements in health and in personal success to the inspiration of Charles Majors has been immeasurable.


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