Grounded Movie – This documentary discussed the benefits of grounding for health.  Steve Kroschel, directed this film because grounding was changing lives in his small town in Alaska and he wanted the world to know.  A sequel has now been made called Heal For Free that provides more data and success stories of healing with grounding.  Cancer Crackdown has a very small presence in the Heal For Free movie!!

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EARTHING HEALTH FACTORS…an article from…Winter 2016…

The Bottom Line on “Vitamin G for Grounding”…It has been fully documented that our entire planet Earth is Negatively charged, with about 100 lightning strikes per second, whereas our bodies are Positively charged. One result is any of our bare skin contact with true Earth will auto-provide or subtract any electrons our bodies may need for a healthy balance of same. Therefore, excessive pain producing inflammation (free radicals) may be safely eliminated with this natural touch & feel approach, with no drugs involved. Most individuals also report the beneficial side effects of feeling better overall, with increased energy and more restful sleep.You can easily prove this scientific concept for yourself by simply sitting or walking barefoot outside (weather permitting of course) for 10-30 minimum minutes daily. There are over 7,000 nerve endings in each of our feet, so you’ll just need to make contact with any convenient Earth

surface of grass, dirt, sand or even grounded concrete. Our modern made shoes with plastic or rubber soles are unfortunately insulated, and allow no real Earth contact, whereas the former leather and plant based varieties did. You can also acquire some special indoor items if desired, such as mats and/or bed sheets, etc., that will effectively allow grounding access while inside your home or work place. They simply utilize the grounded input itself of an existing normal electrical outlet or a small exterior ground rod is available that may be used instead.

A Brief Summary of Earthing/Grounding Health Benefits Reportedly Include…
 •Minimizes inflammation and eases the symptoms of inflammation disorders
 •Helps regulate heart rate and lowers blood pressure
•Stimulates deep, healthy sleep and increases energy

•Eases chronic pain – often eliminating it entirely – increases blood flow and thins the blood
 •Enables faster recovery for muscle soreness or tension
•Assist hormone regulation and eases the symptoms of menstruation
•Aids regulation of stress hormones and fosters a sense of calmness

You can further research (as we did) these God ordained health benefits per a visit to any of the following informative web sites:,,,,, etc., and our site at where this pdf article is posted. The book, “Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever” is available at several of the sites listed and at Amazon, etc. It’s 3 authors include the discovery Founder, an MD Cardiologist and a Researcher. Specialized indoor use grounding products may be found at several of the sites such as ,etc.,and we also found a brand of half-bed sheets at Ebay. Also, look into the outstanding and informative documentary dvds, such as “Grounded” and the “Heal For Free” sequel both from Kroschel Films at YouTube and Amazon, etc.

Medical Note: Research indicates that grounding the body can affect physiological functioning in a variety of ways. Because of this, does recommend that any individual taking medication to thin the blood, regulate blood sugar, control blood pressure, or to supplement thyroid activity should consult with their doctor before grounding and/or using their Earthing products, and then monitor the medication, as an adjustment in medication may be necessary. Special Note: For grounding detailed information, and any skeptical or medical concerns be sure and visit and review their Advisories tab articles such as, “Skeptical About Earthing? Go Outside Barefooted,” and “New To Earthing? Read This,” and “Medical & Medication Concerns,” etc. The Indoor EarthingTM brand products themselves may be found at So, “Get Connected & Feel Vibrant Now with Earthing”…Remember, Hosea 4:6 says, “My People Perish From Lack Of Knowledge…”

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