Juicing vs. Smoothies!
…….which one is best for Cancer patients?
Both….because each has a different purpose!

The POWER of Juicing!

Juicing is done with a slow speed masticating juicer and it extracts as much densely packed NUTRIENTS from your organic produce and removes all the fiber (pulp).

What is the benefit of removing all the FIBER?
Your body can then easily assimilate all the nutrients without requiring too much energy from your digestive system.
(this is especially important for cancer pts doing chemotherapy and radiation because their GUT is destroyed)
The problem of not taking out all the fiber will cause you hours to digest and absorb the nutrients, but with fresh raw organic juices they have no fiber, so it’s like getting an I.V. of NUTRIENTS.

WARNING- if you have Cancer or major inflammatory disease, DO NOT JUICE fruit! Fruit raises blood sugar levels and if you juice the fruit and strip all the fiber, you will have a very QUICK spike of Insulin. So if you have to add some sweetness, use 1/2 of a granny smith apple and some lemon.

The POWER of Blending!

Blending is more like eating a meal because you are leaving the fiber alone and that is also great for the colon.
Blending your vegetables and fruits splits open the cellular wall of fruits and vegetables, releasing all of the nutrients so you can absorb them even easier than eating them.
Smoothies are great as a meal replacement or to add to your daily eating plan to gain weight as well.
Another great benefit to blending vs. juicing is that you can also add super foods, healthy protein and LOTS OF coconut oil and healthy fats.

How much should you juice or how many smoothies should you do every day? Depends on your condition.
I recommend my Cancer patients to juice at least 4-6 times per day and do 2 smoothies. Depending on which diet I have them following- raw/vegan, ketogenic with intermittent fasting, anti-inflammatory diet, etc. will change up their shake. But for my patients following ketogenic diet – they juice 4 times per day (start with lower amounts to keep blood sugar low) and 2 ketogenic smoothies.

Here is my ketogenic smoothie recipe:
-Coconut milk
-Max Greens
-Perfect Protein (grass-fed whey protein)
-Chia seeds
-Raw nuts (macadamia)
-2 tablespoons of coconut oil
-1 tablespoon of mct oil
-1/2-1 avocado
-Stevia to taste

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Note:  If you are using the ketogenic diet, we suggest that you always use this diet under the care of a trained ketogenic practitioner.

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