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Checks can be mailed to:
Cancer Crackdown
1754 Woodruff Rd. #127
Greenville, SC 29607

How your contribution will be put to use:

  • With your help we can assist more fighters and their families by providing direction and partnership for their care as well as financial support for those who qualify.

  • The Cancer Crackdown Together Programs are available to help fighters meet their needs in overcoming or preventing cancer.

  • The Fighting Together Program is the heart of Cancer Crackdown.  Through this program we provide:  free phone and email support, monthly supplement allotments, assistance in getting discounts and/or provision of treatments,  support items (chemical free items, books, water containers and other needs), consultation fees, protocol reviews, assistance with coordinating doctors involved in care and more!!

  • Local Cancer Fighters:  Free Ionized Water, Juicing Support, Organic Shopping Education

  • We also provide support through our: Cancer Crackdown Support Group on Facebook, website resources,  and ensuring that fighters are getting the best care and information they need along the way.

Cancer Crackdown Inc

Cancer Crackdown is a 501 (c) (3) not for profit organization

EIN number: 46-1110328

All donations are tax exempt.

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There are many ways that you can support Cancer Crackdown and all of the courageous cancer fighters we support:

1. Donate.CancerCrackdown.Org

2. Amazon shoppers can give 0.05% of every purchase to Cancer Crackdown with the Amazon Smiles program. This link will    allow Amazon users to connect:

3. Ebay shoppers and sellers can donate several ways with Ebay Donate Works, connect at this link:

4. Donate Items: We accept donations of supplements in sealed package within expiration date, rebounders, juicers, blenders, bio mats, saunas, quality essential oils. These items will be disbursed to cancer fighters with financial needs. We can also accept items of value that can be used at events for auctions or sold on the Cancer Crackdown Ebay store.


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