We are excited about the success and continued improvement of our Fighting Together Program!!!  We will always look for ways to make improvements to better assist those battling cancer.  Our goal is to take as much of the burden away from the fighter so they can focus on healing.

Cancer Crackdown is the fighters.  They are the reason we fight, we are serious about being good at fighting cancer on the front lines alongside those afflicted with this instant life changing disease.  The Fighting Together Program offers partnership and important tools that make a difference in the day-to-day battle.

We help you follow your protocol to the letter, we help you stay faithful to your cancer fighting diet, we remind you to get on your rebounder and to detox daily.

We remind you why detox is a must: to continually evacuate  the dead cancer cells that you are killing by the thousands with your protocol and dedication.

Another important aspect of beating cancer, especially with natural therapies, is the healing process.  You must be knowledgeable about healing reactions and what happens when tumors die, if not, you might think your protocol is not working and you are getting worse.  Healing can really hurt and you will get sick at times during this process.  There are so many working parts in a successful cancer beating and we are here to help make them all work together for you.  We believe that one protocol does not work for everyone and the goal is to find the magic combination for each individual that ignites their immune system to kill the cancer in their body.

We are currently assisting fighters all over the country with various types of cancer, primarily stage IV.  Our services are free and we provide financial assistance to those who qualify.

Please support our mission and heroes battling cancer naturally!!!  Donate at:


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