By:  Wendy Sater






After the Dr gave me the “official” diagnosis of breast cancer the nurse gave me a lot of literature to read, a “goodie bag”, talking the whole time. One of the things she told me was to, “only shower once a week“. I was still in shock and she was throwing a lot my way all at once so I didn’t ask to many questions.
As I said, I have poured myself into researching cancer. Specifically breast cancer, to me, “knowledge is power” and I want that power. I am not an expert, I research and read a lot, the things I find to be true, though various sources, I make notes of. I had to find out why I wasn’t supposed to shower and I am sharing with you what I have learned.
Breast, bladder, colon and rectal cancer have all been linked to a chlorine compound. 2/3 of exposure to chlorine is from inhalation of steam and skin absorption while showering. A warm shower opens the pores and allows for accelerated absorption of chlorine and other chemicals. Steam we inhale while showering contain up to 50 times the level of chemicals than tap water we drink because chlorine and most other chemicals vaporize much faster and at a lower temperature than water does.
Chlorine at room temperature is a very toxic gas. When chlorine is added to our water it reacts with other natural compounds to form Trihalomethanes (THMs) which are by-products of chlorine. These by-products produce free radicals in the body which cause cell damage and are highly carcinogenic.
Good water filters that remove chlorine and fluoride are recommended. If the filter just removes the chlorine it will not remove the THMs whereas the ones that also remove fluoride have a better chance of removing the THMs. Any reverse osmosis system will definitely do the job.

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