By: Wendy Sater

Studies show sugar molecules feed malignant cells by binding to them in a process called glycosylation. Sugar also feeds the harmful bacteria in your gut and can cause them to overcome your friendly bacteria. When this happens, your immune system (70% of which reside in your gut flora) is greatly compromised.
Your immune system protects you against cancer, so when it can’t do its job, that also increases your cancer risk. Sugar is an acid-creating substance, so eating & drinking a lot of it can lead to a more acidic pH in your body. Your body was designed to be slightly alkaline…that is how all of your organs and systems work best.
If you become too acidic, your cells cannot function like they should, wastes build up and your body becomes the perfect place for diseases and tumors to thrive…especially malignant tumors.
Studies have shown repeatedly that cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment, but cannot survive in an alkaline environment. The ideal pH is 7.2-7.4…all cancer patients have pH readings in the 5-6’s. That does not mean if your pH is in the 5-6’s that you have cancer but you are definitely at a greater risk. You can raise your pH through a high alkaline diet, high alkaline water, aluminum free baking soda & fresh, squeezed lemon water, aloe vera juice, supplements, there are lots of ways to raise your pH naturally.
Cancer hates oxygen. Normal cells get their energy from oxygen but when the oxygen levels in cells drop they start to die. When the cell dies it can’t get energy from oxygen so it ferments sugar for energy to survive. Fermentation allows these cells to survive but they are no longer useful to your body and they just grow and multiply and may become cancerous. Walking, using a rebounder, plenty of fresh air, deep breathing exercises, should all be a part of your daily routine. That alone is not enough when you are fighting cancer though. There are many alternatives, Hyperbaric chamber treatments, hydrogen peroxide baths, and plenty of supplements that also get the oxygen in the cells. Raising the oxygen levels of normal cells would help prevent them from becoming cancerous. And increasing oxygen levels in cancer cells to high levels could help kill those cancer cells.
Nutrition is vital and has to become a lifestyle change, not a temporary blip on the screen. Fresh, organic vegetables are best. Juicing and sautéing is the best way to get the nutrients. If you eat meat, it should be less than 20% of your daily food intake. Your healthy enzymes are taken away from fighting cancer cells and free radicals to breakdown the meat. Any beef should be “grass fed, grass finished” chicken should be “free range” of course everything should be free of antibiotics, etc..
Regardless of how you treat cancer, be it alternative or conventional, these are what all fighters can and need to do:
1. Avoid all sugar. Sugar feeds cancer.
2. Work on building your immune system. Eating right, juicing, supplements, etc..
3. Work on raising your pH. Cancer can’t live in an alkaline body.
4. Get oxygen into your cells. It can help keep cancer from spreading and help kill cancer cells.
5. Nutrition. Concentrate on eating lots of vegetables, juicing and drinking lots of water.
These are just the basics but I feel it is important because not everyone knows these “simple” things to take control of their health.
I am not a doctor nor do I give medical advice, recommend any specific protocol, etc…Everyone is different and what works for me may not work for you. My objective is to help everyone by sharing everything I have learned so far. I hope you will find some of it helpful. God Bless

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