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22 Comments 04 November 2015


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  1. Patricia says:

    I will always like to get updates.of new stories.

  2. Christine George says:

    God Bless You!

  3. Pam says:

    All I want to say is THANKYOU to you all !
    You guys rock !

  4. Mary Beth Parker says:

    Checking out your organization per Pam Pinney’s request. Praise God!

  5. Kurt Gross says:

    March 3, 2016 I learned that my PSA was 33.89. I immediately went on a NO sugar, as-few-carbs-as-possible diet and increased exercise regimen. I’ve lost 28 lbs as of July 31, 2016 and I’m going to lose at least another 20 lbs to get my weight below the ‘fat’ BMI category. My PSA has dropped to 28.25 so far which is still very high (4.5 is the upper limit) so I’m kidding myself that its ok now.

    One of the issues that I struggle with that I’d like you to address is the mental struggle of going against my doctor’s advice to not only have a biopsy but other recommendations as well.

    It takes a certain personality trait to be able to go against life long attitudes that the doctor is the final word on medical options.

    I believe the medical community is not purposely trying to harm people but I believe they in fact are because they are bull headedly promoting their belief that only the “gold standard” methods work and the root of that arrogance stems from their lack of exposure let alone training in holistic methods.

    Please address this mental ping pong the fence sitters play with this issue of dealing with promoting ourselves to a position above the doctor when it comes to who’s advise to follow.


    Kurt Gross

  6. Alanna rudd says:

    Don’t stop doing what your doing. You guys are amazing I’ve loved the truth about cancer I’ve watched it its brilliant. You truly have opened my eyes. Alanna Rudd

  7. Melanie says:

    I just finished watching the series on Global Quest The truth about cancer – WOW, thank you Tara and everyone else that had the courage to share life-saving information with the world.

  8. Terri HOuck says:

    I would like to know which protocols are synergistic with each other. I am using turmeric, green tea, juicing carrots and greens, sea cucumber, enzymes. I’m afraid that some of them might work against each other or may even be harmful

  9. Linda says:

    Glad to know you are here. Heard about you from Ty Bollinger and The Truth about Cancer.

  10. Saboohi Arif says:

    I m grateful to our Almighty Creator first n foremost to show me the means n paths towards watching the truth about cancer series n from there i get the info. About this amazimg work going on the research of cancer…thank you every one involved in putting ur hardwork,efforts n sincerity to reveal this major ground breaking humanity… Thank you very much… I highly appreciate n i m highly thankful to you for ur immense efforts…

  11. Don Hanks says:

    ​Dr. Don Von Hanks, II PhD
    ​550 Forest Park Blvd
    ​Studio 331B
    ​Oxnard, CA 93036
    ​(805) 236-4183

    CAREER GOALS: “Help build another multi-billion dollar health care company” Id. (See page 3)

    2007-Present Relator 008 and Key Plaintiff USA, Hanks v. Amgen et al Case Number 1:08-cv-03096-SJ-RML
    ​ Eastern District of New York District Attorney’s Office
    ​ Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Office of the Inspector General
    ​ Washington, D.C.
    1996-2007 Senior Oncology Sales and Reimbursement Specialist, National ION Liaison
    AMGEN Inc.
    Thousand Oaks, California
    1993-1997 Professional Sales Representative, National US Oncology/AOR Liaison and Institutional Sales Specialist
    AMGEN Inc.
    Thousand Oaks, California
    ​1989-1994​Professional Nephrology, Hematology/Oncology Sales Representative and Eastern Regional Trainer
    ​AMGEN Inc.
    ​Thousand Oaks, California
    ​1981-1989​Pharmaceutical Representative and National Sales Trainer
    ​Boehringer Ingelheim, Ltd.
    ​Ridgefield, Connecticut
    ​1980-1981​Southeastern Regional Field Manager and Trainer
    ​Fisons Corporation
    ​Bedford, Massachusetts
    ​1978-1980​Pharmaceutical Representative
    ​Fisons Corporation
    ​Bedford, Massachusetts
    ​1975-1977​Directory Advertising Sales
    ​ATT-Southern Bell
    ​Jacksonville, Florida

    1971-1977 ​University of Florida
    ​Gainesville, Florida​
    ​Bachelor of Science Degree with honors March 1975 (GPA3.5 out of 4.0)
    ​Major: Chemistry, Microbiology, Zoology, Virology and Immunology
    ​Minor: Psychology and Education
    ​Completed Post-Baccalaureate Program in Medicine with high honors (GPA 3.9 out of 4.0)
    ​1989​Preceptorship in Clinical Nephrology
    ​Cleveland Clinic- Cleveland Ohio
    ​1990​Preceptorship in Clinical Hematology, Oncology and AIDS
    ​UCLA- Los Angeles, California
    ​1992​Preceptship in Clinical Hematology, Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant
    ​MD Anderson- Houston, Texas
    ​1993​Preceptorship in Clinical Hematology, Oncology, Bone Marrow Transplant and Fellowship Training
    ​Shands Hospital/University of Florida-Gainesville, Florida
    ​1994​Honorary Doctorate Degree in Philosophy (PhD)
    ​University of Florida-Gainesville , Florida
    ​1998​Preceptoship in Clinical Hematology and Oncology
    ​Mayo Clinic-Jacksonville , Florida
    ​2002​Preceptorship in Hematology and Oncology Practice Management
    ​US Oncology/AOR-Pittsburg, Pennsylvania


    ​1989- Signed on with a new and revolutionary biotech company……AMGEN
    ​1990- Member of first Neupogen Advisory Panel
    ​1990- Established Amgen/Medicare nephrology liaison Larry Reynolds
    ​1990- Member AMGEN PRESIDENT’S CLUB
    ​1990- Atlanta District Trainer
    ​1991- Tampa District Trainer
    ​1991- Fostered and promoted great AMGEN champions i.e. Dr Alan Miller,MD
    ​ And Dr Gary Yee,PharmD​
    ​1991- Member AMGEN PRESIDENT’S CLUB
    ​1991- Co-founded Oncology Managers of Florida
    ​1991- Launch of AMGEN’s second blockbuster protein…..NEUPOGEN
    ​1992- After a year of Medicare claim denials convinced Medicare medical ​
    ​ Director (Dr Frank Farmer,MD) to begin reimbursing for NEUPOGEN
    ​1992- Created and facilitated Shands/AMGEN Oncology Preceptorship
    ​1992- Member AMGEN PRESIDENT’S CLUB
    ​1992- Created and implemented Tampa FIA and vial shift strategy
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    ​ PRINCIPLE through CSS programs (Nancy Hayes and Eileen Sharp)
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    ​1999- Along with Michelle Smith of OMF orchestrated ground swell movements
    including letter writing campaign and distinguished panel to squelch
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    ​2001- Leadership at National, Regional and District meetings
    ​2001- Coaching and field work with John Bench (now Amgen DM)
    ​2001- Member of AMGEN”S PRESIDENT CLUB (#1 in Tampa District)
    ​2002-Member of AMGEN’s PRESIDENT CLUB (#1 in Tampa District)
    ​2003-Member of AMGEN’s Chairman Circle (#1 in Tampa District and #3 in Nation)
    2004-2007-Aranesp MS 90%, Neulasta MS 99%, Vectibix MS 40% ($50 million/yr.)
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    ​ States of America $762 million.(See Case Number 1:08-cv-03096-SL-RML)
    2013-Present- USA ,Hanks ex Relator v. Amgen et al (Case Number 1:08-cv-03096-SL-RMLunder seal) expected $7.7 billion judgment paid to the United States of America.


    As you can tell I have been very busy. I was a founding member and sales/marketing leader with Amgen, the largest biotech company in the world, for over 20 years. As such I established myself in both nephrology and oncology regionally, nationally with direct responsibility in the North Florida and South Georgia area. Having launched such great blockbuster products as Epogen, Neupogen, Neulasta and Aranesp, I have extensive working knowledge in physician clinics and major teaching institutions such as Shands, MD Anderson, Sloan-Kettering, Cleveland Clinic, Dana-Farber and Mayo Clinic. As such I have a successful track record indicating an understanding of the operative political/clinical matrix it takes to be successful in gaining formulary status as well as delivering top sales/market share.

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    With over 40 years’ experience in the Pharmaceutical/Biotech industry I have a full range of skill sets including but not limited to business development, management, training, mentoring, coaching, sales analysis, strategic business reviews, reimbursement, distribution, channel development, contracting, government economics (Medicare and
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    Currently, I would like to either assist in the “start-up” of a new biotech company or collaborate with biosimilar launches . This includes full-time, part-time, serving as an independent consultant or board member. I am also available for independent consultation on biotech IPO’s, biotech buy-outs, biotech pipeline, biotech economics based on profit per employee and facilitating successful biotech launches. I am looking forward to our mutual success in building a multi-billion dollar health care company while continuing my legacy of success as well as benefiting stock holders, customers and ultimately patients.

    In an attempt for full disclosure, I have just completed 8 years (2007-2014) as a “relator” in a false claims action whereas Amgen plead guilty to both civil and criminal offenses that rendered a reward to the United States of America over $762 million from Amgen and $15 million from Amerisource Bergen Corporation. In addition to the second phase of the aforementioned “qui tam” ( Case No: CV08-3096), I have an ERISA complaint against AMGEN, Kevin Sharer et al (see CASE NO: CV 07-05422-PSG). You may contact my legal counsel Mr. Rob Hennig,esq. at (310) 843-0020 and Mr Stephen Fearon,esq. at (212) 421-6492 respectively for further information on the aforementioned pending litigation.

    Thanking you in advance for your consideration,
    Dr. Don Von Hanks, II,PhD
    550 Forest Park Boulevard
    Studio 331 B
    Oxnard, CA 93036


  12. Siobhan Wilson says:

    I’m watching The Truth about Cancer. Finally someone decided to put the big pharmaceuticals & cancer traditional treatment out on front street, thank you!!! I watched my Mom who was diagnosed at age 53 with ovarian cancer die, when I was 14. I was actually inspired by her hospice full time CNA Martha to become a RN, as I always say “Ms Martha is my guardian angel”. I watched one of my best friend’s die last year from cancer and unfortunately he started alternative therapy too late, plus it sickens me that he had to pay out of pocket $12k per pop every 3 weeks, which he couldn’t afford. Currently, one of my family members has fighting for her life for almost 3 years with ovarian cancer and it breaks my heart that she can’t see the bigger picture that chemo is killing her. I refuse to see another loved one go through tradition treatment and will educate anyone if they are diagnosed. This has inspired me to spread the word, become more educated about alternative treatments, including medical marijuana, since I don’t believe in chemo or radiation. I’m interested in visiting the Biomedical Medical Center in Mexico and now makes me think maybe I need a career change and do something with alternative treatment. I look forward to learning about your non profit and beyond thankful that you, a drug rep has started this. Thank You!!

  13. Brigitte says:

    after having had breast cancer 3 years ago I have now been diagnosed with lymphoma CLL/SLL. I would welcome all information related to treating this type of cancer. I have been informed that I will be offered chemotherapy when the disease progresses but want to try your way of fighting cancer!

  14. Julie says:

    I am now a new subscriber to Cancer Crackdown. I love the name, to me it says we mean business!
    I welcome your info, insights and support.
    I am currently doing alternative treatment for metastatic lung cancer.
    After viewing the nine part series “The Truth About Cancer” i felt very hopeful….About alternative treatment being viable, and cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence.
    I have read numerous articles, accounts and books about the suppression of alternative cures and practitioners or Md’s who dare to offer them as well as scientific research in this area. I am so thankful for the exposure that has come about regarding this and pray for even more exposure. I am also very thankful for groups like Cancer Crackdown as well as Chris beat cancer, Gerson, Bill Henderson, just to name a few. I pray for more strength and momentum for all. You are the ones out there on the frontlines fighting for us! You are doing lots of ground work and bringing back the fruits of your labors. You are also plowing ground for the future! Msy God bless and multiply all of your efforts and may He bless each one of your caring for others hearts!
    Looking forward to learning more about you and with you.

    • Regina Whitman says:

      I too am seeking any information that will help me. I was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. The cancer is all located in the center of my chest, in my lung, trachea, and lymph node.
      I refused the chemotherapy and radiation.
      I have switched my whole diet. I eat all fresh fruits and vegetables, juice, the budwig diet muesli / linomel, much much research.
      Thank the Lord I came across TTAC video the day I was diagnosed. It was then when I decided to try the alternative treatment. I have no naturalist Doctor available so I am trying my best to do this on my own, learning on the way.
      Please continue to give people the hope they need to get through the terrible diseases along with the truth and knowledge to the natural and safe and healthy ways.

  15. Margaret says:

    Do you help people globally or just US citizens ?

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