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Kid Against Chemo interviews his Thermographer!!

5 Comments 31 March 2015

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Excellent information about thermography and dangers of cell phone usage.  Thank you Jared and Carol!!

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Part 2

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  1. Dr S says:

    Thermography has been taught in college at the junior college level since early 1970’s! I asked why isn’t it being used? Answer from prof was – would have to have a room for it that was free of drafts (like that was “impossible” to attain). They knew it detected cancer early back then and probably before or it wouldn’t have been being taught at that point in time. Truth – follow the money – the other tests were much most complicated and costs more.

  2. Nick Blunt says:

    Good clear info

  3. Jillian says:

    I absolutely believe in all natural products with regards to cancer and I actually work for a doctor who is also a naturopath who errs on the side of all things natural. However, I had 2 thermogenic appointments for my breasts, one in March and the second in June. The results both times showed that everything was clear. (I had a concern with a very unusually shaped “lump” and wasn’t even sure if it was a lump). In July, still concerned, I had a ultrasound of the breasts, and it came back as cancer. I know you cannot comment on other practitioners, but how could this have happened.
    I live in Melbourne, Australia

    • CancerCrackdown says:

      Hi Jillian, I’m so sorry to hear this. No test is 100% but having a reputable thermo reader is very important. Thermography picks up vasculature, or blood vessels, forming to and feeding new areas. It seems they would have picked up on that, doesn’t seem likely but I suppose it could have changed during that four month time as well. I hope you are doing ok in your healing.

      • Jillian says:

        Hi there, I did have a reputable thermo reader from the U.S.A. After having the 2nd thermography done in June, it was only 3 weeks later that I was diagnosed with the cancer. I must say it was very disappointing. If I had the ultrasound initially in March, it might not have already reached my lymph glands. I am doing OK in my healing however, and it has now been 13 months. Did the “cut, poison, burn” thing (moreso for my family, than myself). However, loaded my body up with so many natural remedies, I think I “confused” the cancer out of my body! My surgeon and oncologists both said “I dont know what you are doing and we don’t want to know, but keep on doing it!”

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