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Five-Year Cancer Survival Rates with Gerson Therapy

22 Comments 09 June 2014


(NaturalNews) The Gerson diet therapy was developed by Dr. Max Gerson in the 1930′s as a treatment for his own migraine headaches.

Eventually, he expanded the treatment and found that it worked for degenerative diseases and eventually cancer. The Gerson Therapy takes a natural, holistic, and whole-body approach to healing. Practitioners of this treatment believe that it reactivates the body’s natural self-healing ability and comes with no damaging side effects.

How Gerson diet therapy works

The Gerson Therapy uses an all-encompassing approach that focuses on treating the causes of disease rather than the symptoms. The approach generally focuses on detoxifying the body of the toxic pollutants and carcinogens that enter our body each day through foods we eat and air we breathe. This is mainly accomplished through diet modification.

Participants in the Gerson therapy program ingest between 15 and 20 pounds of organic vegetables and fruits each day. Much of this is in the form of raw juice, one glass every hour. Raw and cooked solid foods are also consumed, as long as they fit within the organic vegetarian diet.

The Gerson therapy approach generally consists of:

• Thirteen glasses of raw green-leaf juices and carrot/apple juices per day, drinking one 8 ounce glass each hour.

• Three full vegetarian meals consisting of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. This may include cooked and raw vegetables, salad, and Hippocrates soup.

• Fresh vegetables and fruit available for snacking all day

In addition to following an organic vegetarian diet, participants may be asked to take organic supplements such as:

• Potassium
• Vitamin B-12
• Pancreatic Enzymes
• Lugol’s Solution
• Thyroid Hormone

The final step of the Gerson therapy is detoxification of the body through the use of coffee enemas. Patients with cancer may be asked to take up to five coffee enemas per day. According to Charlotte Gerson, this procedure is designed to ease any stress on the liver than can occur as the body tries to purge all of the carcinogens and toxic substances that have entered the body.

Furthermore, these enemas have been proven to increase the body’s absorption of Vitamin A, which plays an essential role in the body’s immune function and allowing them to better attack and kill precancerous cells.

Survival rates for Gerson patients

Unfortunately, the five-year cancer survival rates for Gerson therapy patients have been greatly under reported in studies and the media. A recent review of melanoma patients found that Gerson therapy is often far more effective than traditional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation.

For example, in patients with localized melanoma, 100 percent survived for five years with the Gerson therapy treatments, compared to  only 79 percent of patients who received more traditional treatments. The survival rates reported for various other stages of cancer remained considerably higher than those reported elsewhere as well.

Additionally, an Austrian study of the Gerson therapy showed that it provided patients with a better quality of life during their treatment than more traditional methods. According to the study, patients reported that they received better pain relief and a lowered instance of hypercalcemia (in patients with bone metastases).

Patients with both premenopausal and premenopausal breast cancer had an improved kidney and liver function and blood counts, and had a lowered instance of recurrences.


Though the media has under reported the Gerson therapy in general, and many scientists have attempted to discredit the therapy’s value, there is no denying the scientific evidence. Studies have shown that not only does the Gerson diet therapy improve the quality of life for cancer patients when compared to traditional treatments, it offers them a higher rate of survival as well, and lowers the rate of recurrence in certain forms of the disease.

Gerson therapy has been shown to be effective for the treatment of lupus as well.

To learn more about Gerson therapy, visit Gerson Media.



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22 Comments so far

  1. Carol says:

    I have the following questions about the Gerson Therapy:
    1) Do coffee enemas still work with de-caf? I can’t handle caffeine.
    2) What can I do to replace carrots in the juice? I’m allergic to raw carrots and raw carrot juice.
    3) How long would I need to continue the Gerson Therapy? Would it be for weeks, months, or years? Or is this something you need to keep doing for the rest of your life?

  2. Bianca says:

    Hello, I was diagnosed stage 2 breast cancer in Nov 14, had my opp in Dec, Opted against conventional meds and went Gluten free in January, sugar free in Feb and preservative free in March, I live I. Albury Australia and there is really no natural support where I live, my surgeon was appalled to find that I had not had chemo or radiation yet (after 3 minths). Was only told then I had a Her2 in the invasive side of my tumor (not good) but I still could not bring myself to go conventional. My Naturapath had bloods done and am now taking vitamin B12, 5g of C, 5000 of D, iodine and liver supplements. All else tested fine. Am working 20 hrs a week and feel no different now than B4 I was diagnosed. Will be tested for bloods again in July. Any suggestions Please on anything else I should be doing?

  3. Kiki says:

    As a cancer survivor of twenty years, the Gerson therapy should not be seen as a cure for really all or late stage cancers. There are plenty of people who have died from either the chemo/radiation or their diet when suffering with cancer. Survival is dependent on so many factors: what type of cancer, staging of cancer, patient’s attitude, dietary habits/needs, etc. Unless you have faced down cancer, I am not really interested in talk.

    I did integrated before integrated was coined, forunately I had an Asian hematologist administering my western treatment and directing me in dabbling in herbs/vitamins/foods. I wasn’t supposed to make the five year mark without a relapse…here I am twenty years later, no relapses. I have been a vegetarian, for the most part, since I was fifteen. I have a very disciplined diet: 80-90% raw vegetarian mixed with 10-20& fish.

    The main thing to figure out is what your body needs in order to survive. I hate to say it, but some bodies really run better on meat…not mine. Every body requires vastly different nutrients, which is why western medicine doesn’t always have an answer. These blanketed one cure-for-all is not the best way to look at dietary needs.

    I love the Gerson theory, but some of it is a bit extreme. Coffee enemas are extreme. I would really like to see a serious study on them. Anyway, don’t judge the decisions cancer patients make…it is mentally and physically challenging. Hopefully, live and let live.

    • CancerCrackdown says:

      Thank you for your comment Kiki. We celebrate your survival!! At Cancer Crackdown we do not believe that one protocol or therapy is a fit for all cancers. We respect Dr. Max Gerson and the clinical experience that the Gerson Institute has and use it as a guide and reference for those we assist. We work with many different protocols and work with each individual based on their needs and choices.
      Coffee enemas have been around for many many years, they were in the Merck Manual and used by doctors (MD’s) for years. Please see this link for some videos from three experts.
      We wish you continued health!!!

      • Janice Huffman says:

        I love how the Gerson Therapy healed me. If I were to put my finger on what really saved my life, it was the large amount of juice through out the day and the coffee enemas. It’s been 5 years now and I still do these everyday, not as much, but I can tell a big difference if I don’t. I will have to maintain some of my therapy forever, but that’s OK, because I love life and health.

  4. Mike says:

    When does the person sleep? There has got to be dome miscommunication in the article.

  5. sucheta says:

    Hi Randall,

    It is 13 juices a day. And every hour you consume 1 8 ounce glass of juice.


  6. Randall Keith says:

    Who had the time to do a diet like this. I would be spending all day just making juice, let alone finding the time to drink it. 13 glasses an hour x 24 hours = 312 glasses of juice a day, is this right? When would I be able to do the 5 enemas a day. I guess this diet assumes you have nothing else to do every day and that you can afford to buy 20 pounds of organic vegetables for each day. There has got to be a better way.

    • Gina says:

      No, it’s a glass an hour for 13 hours. Better than chemo/radiation and being so sick you can’t do anything the rest of the day. Plus, it HEALS your body, not poisons it.

      • anj says:

        You could just not do it and not survive or not have an improved quality of life.

      • Chava says:

        @Randall K: Gerson juicing is an 8 oz glass x 13 each day, basically every “waking” hour of the day. Not all night.

        About the cost of Gerson, I found out after buying a Norwalk and ordering my first week’s bulk order of produce that I couldn’t afford it. Then in emails with Patrick Vickers he told me that I needed $2,000/month to spend on food and their supplements, or don’t bother. I guess I was naive in my idea of the cost of real food.

        Glad I have the Norwalk, but looking for another protocol.

  7. Randall Keith says:

    Who had the time to do a diet like this. I would be spending all day just making juice, let alone finding the time to drink it. 13 glasses an hour x 24 hours = 312 glasses of juice a day, is this right? When would I be able to do the 5 enemas a day. I guess this diet assumes you have nothing else to do every day and that you can afford to buy 20 pounds of organic vegetables for each day. There has got to be a better way.

    • CancerCrackdown says:

      The Gerson therapy is definitely an extensive therapy. There are many other protocols and options out there Randall that are less extensive and less costly. Thanks for your comment!!

      • Janice Huffman says:

        I did the therapy and held a job down. I also had a husband to cook for. I had a schedule. It worked. It’s the best life.

    • Jojo says:

      It’s 13 juices per day, not per hour.

    • Naturopath says:

      Sure. Chemo, radiation, operation. Vomiting, losing hair, sex drive; aging fast, crippling the heart and most body systems. For life. Whatever left of it. Cheaper? Not sure. Gerson therapy is not forever, and it saves people. Unlike the conventional poison-cut-burn. It’s a choice each one makes for themselves.

    • O says:

      You really are not sick, or maybe you are just stupid when you have cancer you have nothing but time, because there is nothing else you can do but wait for the end. This protocol plus more is what I followed to rid myself of cancer no chemo no radiation. I paid less for organic vegetables and fruits that I would have for chemo and radiation.

    • Connie Nordli says:

      You could also try the amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush, and eat a super healthy organic diet, preferably vegetarian, and NO SUGAR. Anyone with Cancer has a liver that is in serious need of help. 13 glasses of juice a day, by the way…..not 312 as you wrote. I guess you just have to be serious about recovering. Chemo and radiating an already toxic body is certainly not what you want to do. Should be outlawed, as it is the opposite of what your body needs to recover.

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