Detoxification must be a part of your cancer fighting protocol. Coffee Enemas are powerful and a commonly used detoxification used by cancer fighters using natural therapies, they are a key part of the Gerson Therapy, Dr. Gonzalez Protocol, Budwig and many other cancer protocols.  The information included here is specific to cancer but can be applied for overall health or prevention.

1.  Coffee Enema 
2.  Lymphatic Cleanse
3.  Radiation Detox
4.  Oil Pulling

1.  Coffee Enemas
If you are new to enemas do your research and be very informed.  Consult with your physician and/or practitioner if you have any concerns or issues.  Always pay attention to the steps exactly and if you feel pain or problems stop immediately.  

Please read instructions and the entire chapter from Healing The Gerson Way before starting coffee enemas.  This book is a great overall guide for cancer fighters even if you are not doing a partial or full Gerson Therapy.

The standard mixture for one enema consists of:

  • 3 rounded tablespoons of organic, medium or light roast drip-grind coffee
  • 32 ounces of filtered or distilled water

The procedure is to:

  • Bring the water to a boil
  • Add the coffee
  • Let it boil for 3 minutes,
  • Turn down the heat and let it simmer (covered) for 15 minutes.
  • Let it cool
  • Strain it through a cloth-lined strainer. (A piece of clean, white linen or nylon can be used.)
  • Check the amount left after straining and replace the water that has boiled away to restore it to 1 quart.

One thing that is important to remember about coffee enemas, they cannot be used if you are not juicing due to possible mineral depletion.  Charlotte Gerson suggests that you should drink 24 ounces of juice per enema.  So if you only get 24 oz in a day you can only do one enema, 48 oz = 2 per day etc. If you are unable to juice you can substitute large organic salads and a lot of vegetables; for extensive coffee enema use it is safest to combine with juicing organic vegetables.

The basic components of the coffee enema are the following:

  • Organic, medium or light roast drip-grind coffee
  • Filtered, or if from a fluoridated source, distilled water
  • Enema equipment
:  we have found that an enema bucket (plastic or stainless steel) is the most commonly used and easiest to use.  We also recommend a red catheter tube to connect to the plastic tube that comes with the enema bucket.  The red tube is softer, more pliable and safer.
  • Cloth lined strainer cheesecloth or stainless steel strainer

The 32 ounces of prepared and strained coffee has to be warmed to body temperature and poured into the enema bucket, having first clamped the tube shut to stop the liquid from running out. Before starting the enema, a small amount of the solution should be released to clear the tube of air. It is a good idea to eat a small piece of fruit to get the digestive system going, especially before the first morning enema.  This will provide a little glucose to raise the low blood sugar after a night’s sleep.

The more relaxed the patient, the easier the enema experience will be.  This requires comfort!  Unless a couch or folding camp bed is available, an enema “nest” is made on the bathroom floor, with a large, soft towel or blanket as its base, covered with an enema mat or a soft polyester shower curtain for accidental leaks or spillage and a pillow or cushion for the head.  The bucket is placed at approximately 18 inches above the body, hanging from a hook or standing on a stool.  The coffee should not flow in too fast or with too much pressure.  Lubricate 2 inches of the tube’s tip with coconut oil or other safe lubricant and gently insert 8 to 10 inches into the anus, release the clamp on the tube to let the coffee flow in.  Lay on right side with legs pulled up in the fetal position, relaxed and breathing deeply.  When all the coffee is absorbed, it should be held in for 12 to 15 minutes, before evacuating.

More Coffee Enema Information Here

2.  Lymphatic Cleanse

The lymph system is the body’s cellular waste removal system. Since it has no ‘pump’ like the heart which serves as a pump for the circulatory system, it needs to be stimulated by movement.
Never restrict lymph flow such as through wearing tight clothing like bras and tight pants. There is a direct link between breast cancer incidence and the length of time a bra is worn. There also seems to be an absence of prostate cancer in those countries where men don’t wear tight pants (which create local hyperthermia, inhibit lymph flow, local cell nourishment and detoxification).
Activate your lymphatic system for instance through:

  • Brisk walking
  • Rebounding or jumping on a small trampoline/rebounder (for instance 5-10-minute sessions daily without having to breathe heavily). This stimulates the lymph circulation like nothing else can.                                                                                

  Click Here For Rebounding Instructions

  • Lymphatic massage/Lymphatic drainage
  • Essiac Tea:  Removes toxic accumulations in the fat, lymph, bone marrow, bladder and alimentary canals, Relieves the liver of its burden of detoxification by converting fatty toxins into water-soluble substances that can be easily eliminated through the kidneys and much more.  More About Essiac Tea 
  • Echinacea: several capsules daily (an excellent herb to stimulate lymph flow).
  • Dry Skin Brushing: mentally divide your body into two parts with the belly button being the dividing line. On the upper half of your body, including the arms, you brush your dry skin energetically with a soft natural bristle broad brush in a long stroke that always ends at a location close to your collar-bone. Do the left half of your upper body towards the left collar-bone and the right half towards the right one. Encircle each breast, stroke the breast tissue gently but firmly – always towards the respective collar-bone. This is the general area where the lymph fluid re-enters the blood circulation for ultimate filtering by the kidneys and eventual recycling. On the lower body, including the legs, you would brush your dry skin with long strokes towards the inguinal lymph nodes in each groin i.e. where each leg joins the main trunk towards the front lower part of your abdomen. This is where the largest and most important lymph nodes are located and where a large part of the lymph toxins are ‘digested’ and conditioned. This action will stimulate to a great extent the efficient flow of the lymph fluid and therefore ensure an effective waste removal action.
  • Those unable to use their legs: the arm muscles are just as good, and perhaps better, at pumping the lymphatic system as are the legs. Thus, lifting hand weights can accomplish much in helping the lymphatic system.

Read More About Dry Skin Brushing

  • Those unable to use their legs: the arm muscles are just as good, and perhaps better, at pumping the lymphatic system as are the legs. Thus, lifting hand weights can accomplish much in helping the lymphatic system.

3. Radiation Detox

Detox Bath:
1 Cup Baking Soda (Aluminum Free)
1 Cup Sea Salt
Add to a bath of warm water and soak for 20 minutes.
Because these baths are “energy draining”,  be careful when getting up from them (circulation).

4.  Oil Pulling
Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy, oil is “pulled” (kavala graha) or “held” (snigda gandoosha) in the mouth. Practitioners of oil pulling claim it is capable of improving oral and systemic health, including a benefit in conditions such as headaches, migraines, diabetes mellitus, asthma, and acne, as well as whitening teeth.

Click Here For Oil Pulling Instructions 

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