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Chris Beat Cancer interviews Cancer Crackdown CEO, Tara Mann

8 Comments 23 April 2015

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Chris Wark is one of our heroes at Cancer Crackdown.  He is a colon cancer survivor, cancer coach, speaker and his website Chris Beat Cancer is a wonderful collection of resources, information and stories about other survivors!!


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  1. Rita Sheimo says:

    I have stage 4 breast cancer metastasized.

    • CancerCrackdown says:

      Rita, so sorry to hear this!! I hope you are on a good protocol and healing. Regardless of the stage and what they tell you, you can do it.

    • Mary Jane Fisher says:

      Rita, I know this is devastating news, but there are cures– outside of chemo and radiation . I don’t know if you listened to the recent 11 episode series of interviews of oncologists, researchers, integrative med doctors, etc. from all over the country. Very good info and what I would use if I am faced with this dilemma. If you would like, I will email you the videos and transcripts.
      God bless,
      Mary Jane Fisher

    • Deborah R says:

      You can defeat cancer.

      Go to Dr Sircus website. I may be following his protocol for at home, soon.

      Do everything you can to lower imflamation.

  2. Wow that’s so wonderful Chris I wish you a life time of health and happiness share your journey you took will help others so thank you

  3. Mary Jane Fisher says:

    Hi Tara,
    I’m so glad to find someone who is actually doing something concrete to help cancer patients who are always given the directive to start chemo and radiation — no question! I too was a drug rep for several years and totally understand the control pharma and the FDA have over this industry and I am furious! I have lost friends in recent years to cancer and will soon lose my best friend to, I believe, chemo. I just listened last week to Ty’s cancer series and purchased it. I have been a rep for Juice Plus, whole food concentrate in capsules and gummies the most researched nutriceutical in the world, for 8 yrs. I know how much cancer patients especially could benefit from this fruit and vegetable nutrition when they don’t feel like eating — boost immune system, DNA repair and protection, inflammation, etc., I am very careful and somewhat hesitant to approach them with this because I don’t ever want them to think I am attempting to profit from their illness, although their doctor certainly is with chemo). I have even offered to give them the company phone number to order without benefit to me.
    I pray you are able to get the word out to all cancer patients that there are much better and cheaper options than the standard toxic prescriptions.
    I will direct everyone I know to your website and if I can help you in some way, please let me know— I live in North Little Rock, Arkansas.
    God bless,
    Mary Jane Fisher

  4. Randy Tkacs says:

    What a great story! Navigating through the cancer maze is a jungle. After watching many shows dealing with the false hopes traditional cancer care gives, we have reached the same conclusion as Tara Mann. There are better alternatives.
    Cancer Crackdown, (Tara Mann) has a fantastic goal. To coach cancer patients who need mentor. We cannot say enough positive about her. I hope more people will find “a fearless approach to winning the battle. Thank-you Tara for everything you do.

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