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Dr. Majors on: Juicing vs. Smoothies

No Comments 05 March 2016

Juicing vs. Smoothies! …….which one is best for Cancer patients? Both….because each has a different purpose! The POWER of Juicing! Juicing is done with a slow speed masticating juicer and it extracts as much densely packed NUTRIENTS from your organic produce and removes all the fiber (pulp). What is the benefit of removing all the […]

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20 Questions For Your Oncologist From Chris Beat Cancer

No Comments 14 January 2016

Our friend and Cancer Mentor, Chris Wark continues to share valuable and life saving direction to natural cancer fighters. 20 Questions For Your Oncologist is a 1-hour audio program, in which Chris walks you through the most important questions to ask your doctor, and why. He also includes a printable question list and transcript and […]

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Dr. Majors on Mammograms

3 Comments 05 October 2015

What if you didn’t do a Mammogram? What if you didn’t do Chemotherapy? What if you didn’t do Radiation? What if you didn’t do Surgery? What would happen? Would you die sooner? Would you not find your Cancer sooner? or…. If you did have a mammogram, find a problem and begin chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, […]

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Estrogen Dominance

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Estrogen Dominance

1 Comment 08 July 2015

Why is Breast Cancer and Endometriosis on the Rise and younger and younger girls are being diagnosed? Almost weekly I have a patient who comes in diagnosed with breast cancer, endometriosis or ovarian cysts. Why are we seeing more and more and younger and younger? Xenoestrogens is one of the major reasons, creating estrogen dominance. […]

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The Sneaky 17: Prevent Breast Cancer by Avoiding These Toxic Chemicals

No Comments 18 February 2015

We’re so busy living – juggling schedules, managing households, pursuing passions – that we rarely take time to consider whether our grab-and-go lifestyles are actually working for us. The reality is that convenience has come at a price to our health exposing us to over 85,000 synthetic chemicals, most of which have not been required […]

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