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The Lymphatic System and Ways to Improve It

3 Comments 17 February 2015

In case you are noticing any of these signs and symptoms you may be suffering from a congested lymph system: – Ovarian cysts – Breast sensitivity – Swelling in feet or hands – Frequent allergies – Frequent headaches – Cellulite – Water retention – Unexplained fatigue – Chronic colds – Outbreaks of skin tags or […]

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Chemotherapy Detox Tonics- good for any other detox –

No Comments 14 January 2015

Three tonics you need to detoxify from chemotherapy – also good for any other detox – Juicing Tonic Ginger Turmeric Cranberry Lemon Cayenne Pepper Juice equal parts ginger, turmeric, cranberry, and lemon. Leave the peel on the ginger and turmeric. Juice two ounces of each. Each ingredient should be organic and whole and juiced […]

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Why I Didn’t Continue Chemo

No Comments 03 January 2015

My journey of why I would not continue chemo… some people do ok but for me it wasn’t the right decision… I want everyone to know there are choices… do whats right for you.                                           […]

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Cancer Fighting Cereal

4 Comments 03 January 2015

Here is something I eat when I want to feel like I am eating cereal… many people ask what I eat.. I drink 3 liters of water a day and 64 ounces of juice at least… Then all organic, nothing from a box and have decreased my meat intake and have on occasion… never thought […]

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Studies Show Soy Increases Breast Cancer Cell Spreading

No Comments 29 October 2014

Soy is a very unfortunate story.  So many of us have trusted that it’s an excellent source of protein and felt good when choosing soy.  Not only is unfermented soy not good for us, it does harm!!  Soy is everywhere so it pays to check labels and avoid wherever you can.  Various previous reports by […]

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5 Steps To Reduce Radiation Exposure from your Cell Phone

1 Comment 23 October 2014

It’s hard to get around these days without a cell phone, or two or four in your house, depending on the size and age of your family.  Yes, they emit harmful radiation but there are easy ways to drastically reduce exposure.  When children are using cell phones taking precautions is a must.  It has been […]

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Breast Cancer Prevention

1 Comment 04 October 2014

It’s breast cancer awareness month, be aware of the causes!! Use chemical free deodorant, take your bra off, stop drinking from plastic bottles and consider thermography for breast screening. Donate to Cancer Crackdown where your donation directly helps those fighting cancer with natural and integrative methods. We do not have big salaries, just big hearts. […]

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Five-Year Cancer Survival Rates with Gerson Therapy

22 Comments 09 June 2014

(NaturalNews) The Gerson diet therapy was developed by Dr. Max Gerson in the 1930′s as a treatment for his own migraine headaches. Eventually, he expanded the treatment and found that it worked for degenerative diseases and eventually cancer. The Gerson Therapy takes a natural, holistic, and whole-body approach to healing. Practitioners of this treatment believe […]

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Cancer and Rebounding

No Comments 17 March 2014

Cancer & Rebounding by: Wendy Sater Using a rebounder (a small trampoline) is very beneficial to everyone and extremely important when fighting cancer. Rebounding is a cellular exercise that increases the activity of your “immune cells” which eat cancer cells, viruses and bacteria. It stimulates your internal organs, gets fluids moving, great for your intestines […]

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Charlotte Gerson on Detoxifying with Coffee Enemas

No Comments 14 March 2014

Charlotte Gerson discusses the benefits of coffee enemas for cancer fighters.

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