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Hello!!!  We are Tara and Steve Mann, Co-Founders, CEO and President of Cancer Crackdown.  Cancer Crackdown is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization founded in October of 2012, our passion is to help fighters take their battle with cancer to the next level.  We are unique in that we fight alongside those battling this disease.  We develop plans and help fighters and survivors to be successful in following them to reach their overall health goals.  We offer a wide range of resources and encouragement for those fighting, those surviving and those that wish to prevent this disease.    We all have a choice with cancer, to survive or to prevent!!           
 ~We fight with you, we fight for you!~

Your donations assist us in providing for the many cancer fighters we support through our Fighting Together Program. We need your help to fight with more fighters in need, together we can continue to make  a difference!!!   Visit our Donate page for more information on how your donations are utilized.  

To schedule a call with Tara Man for service,  program or cancer-related questions Click Here  

Our Mission:  Our mission is to be the trusted source of knowledge regarding natural therapies to defeat cancer and remain cancer free.  We partner with fighters and survivors by supporting and navigating them through their battle.  Together, we develop a unique plan that is specific to each individual and instills in them a fearless approach to winning the battle.

Together Programs 

CEO and Co-Founder Tara Mann’s Story

Visit the FightingTogether.Org Store.  All proceeds are used to benefit fighters in need!

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There are many ways that you can support Cancer Crackdown and all of the courageous cancer fighters we support:

1. Donate.CancerCrackdown.Org

2. Amazon shoppers can give 0.05% of every purchase to Cancer Crackdown with the Amazon Smiles program. This link will    allow Amazon users to connect:

3. Ebay shoppers and sellers can donate several ways with Ebay Donate Works, connect at this link:

4. Donate Items: We accept donations of supplements in sealed package within expiration date, rebounders, juicers, blenders, bio mats, saunas, quality essential oils. These items will be disbursed to cancer fighters with financial needs. We can also accept items of value that can be used at events for auctions or sold on the Cancer Crackdown Ebay store.


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